IdeaSquares Joining Instructions


To become a client, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign Terms & Conditions -> Step 2: Complete Direct Debit Mandate -> Step 3: Read and agree to our Ways of Working -> Step 4: Book your induction call

Please read and follow the instructions for each step below.


Step 1: Sign

Your Terms & Conditions will be sent to you by email using Docusign. Please check your inbox, sign and return the document.

Once you’ve signed your Terms & Conditions, we will send you the Direct Debit mandate for Step 2.

Step 2: Pay

Once you’ve signed the T&Cs, your Direct Debit instructions will be sent to you by email, usually the same day as you sign. Please keep an eye on your inbox for this email, then click the ‘Set up Direct Debit’ button.

Step 3: Read

Read and agree to our Ways of Working.

Click the button below to view our ways of working, agree to them by completing the quick form at the bottom of the page.

You will then get automatically directed onto step 4 to book the project set up call with us.

Step 4: Call

Select a date and time for your Induction call below. You will get automatically directed to this page once you’re read our Ways of Working linked above, or you use the box below.

Once your Induction call is booked, we will create your project. During the call, we will introduce the software that you’ll be using through the programme, explain what to expect during the programme, give you a personalised schedule to work towards and introduce some initial tasks to get you started. We will also go through any questions you may have.

You will need to be in front of your computer for this call, it usually takes about an hour.