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IdeaSquares offers tailored support towards crowdfunding success. We're partnered with two of Europe's leading equity crowdfunding platforms, Seedrs and Crowdcube. Our clients have an average success rate of 80% upon our partner platforms. So if you're considering Crowdfunding, or are currently crowdfunding, some might say you'd be crazy not to use our skills and expertise. In fact...

If you’re considering crowdfunding, you’d be crazy not to draw on IdeaSquares skills and expertise.
— Aidan Burley, Friction Free Shaving (Overfunded via Seedrs)





£495 per programme. 

We run 10-15 week part time programmes, to prepare companies for launch on two of Europe's leading equity investment platforms (Seedrs & Crowdcube). Going through these programmes gives clients a high chance of having a successful crowdfunding campaign.  To be considered for for our next intake, please click apply below. (We have a monthly intake for our support programmes)


£250 per week for a minimum of 3 weeks.

If your crowdfunding campaign is currently live, or you're preparing to go live for Crowdfunding, we can offer you our 'Boost' service. Whilst your best chance of success is to work with us over a period of time in the lead up to the campaign, we also deliver great results with boosting campaigns and/or getting involved in the imminent lead up. If you'd like to hear more about our 'Boost' programme, then please click below.  


£1000-£3000 per day. Cost is dependent on size of raise, timelines, current crowdfunding knowledge, size of team. Please contact us to discuss. (Please note, we currently have a waiting list for our consultancy)

For larger campaigns, or for clients who would rather not join a group programme, we offer individual consultancy packages. If you're considering crowdfunding, this can be a great way to learn more about what lies ahead and how to coordinate success amongst your team. If you're interested in consultancy, please get in touch. 

I think that you deserve all the praise you can get, because I know without your support we would not have got this far
— Dev Shah, Zucla (250% funded in 6 days via Crowdcube)