As part of our full crowdfunding support service, we offer access to the following tools, templates and services, which can all be purchased separately on request. Click any of the below to receive more information. 

ISq Crowd Tracking

Gather your crowd and track your communications from thinking about who you know, right the way through to them making their investment. Throughout the course of your campaign preparation you will send hundreds, if not thousands of emails. Our crowd tracking has supported companies in converting their crowd to investors time and time again. - Get in touch to get started

Application Review

A very high percentage of crowdfunding applications are declined. We know what makes for a good application. If you'd like for us to review your campaign application and provide brutal honesty about its chance of being accepted as well as constructive feedback and multiple rounds of review to perfect it, then get in touch. 

Video Scripting

You can't launch without a great video. Our video scripting services ensures that your potential investors have all the information they need to make their decisions. Our video scripts have now been used to raise millions. - Get in touch to get started


A great video is about more than a great script. Our partner videography teams have now supported millions of pounds of crowdfunding on some of the world's leading platforms. Get in touch to learn more

ISq In Campaign Analytics

Have you recently launched or are you currently running a crowdfunding campaign? Our in campaign analytics tracker will help you to track the progress of your campaign and monitor activity on a day to day basis. It will also identify areas that need improvement to give your campaign a better chance of success. Get in touch to get started

Business plan or pitch deck creation

We pride ourselves on supporting clients to produce informative and appropriate supporting documents for crowdfunding. Choose from any or all of the following pitch deck creation services. Get in touch to find out more

  • Access to business plan/pitch deck templates and guidelines
  • Support with creating the content of your business plan/pitch deck

Financial planning

Whilst not compulsory on all platforms, we believe that entrepreneurs should understand their financials and have adequate financial projections. Choose from any or all of the following financial planning services. Get in touch to find out more

  • Access to a custom financial model
  • Supported completion of the financial model, including accountancy review and sign off

Marketing planning

A great marketing plan for the lead up to and during the campaign is absolutely crucial to your success. Choose from the following marketing options. Get in touch to find out more

  • Access to a marketing plan template
  • Full review of your marketing plan with one to one coaching as to how to improve it across multiple channels 

ISq pre launch pages

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