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Programme Statements

IdeaSquares offer a free call to anyone considering the IdeaSquares programme and speak to multiple potential clients per day. In proceeding to book one of our valuable exploration sessions, you are acknowledging that you understand and accept the following statements; 

  1. If you are selected for the programme by IdeaSquares, you are entering a programme of support that will give you an 80-90% chance of succeeding on your chosen platform, should your campaign make it to launch.

  2. IdeaSquares are an official launch partner of Crowdcube & Seedrs and whilst they will work very closely with each platform to support you, they are separate to the platforms.

  3. The support provided by IdeaSquares is founded on years of crowdfunding experience and their programme is structured and comprehensive to ensure that your Crowdfunding campaign is as strong as possible.  

  4. By working with IdeaSquares, you are preparing to work towards launching your campaign within the next 12 weeks. 

  5. Crowdfunding platforms are tools that help you to raise investment from a group of people that you might not have otherwise had access to, however this is their secondary purpose and you are the one that needs to bring investment to the campaign first, from your network.

  6. You already have a very good idea where the lead investor(s) for your campaign will come from, or you have already secured lead investment for your campaign. Or, you feel confident that you have people within your network who have the potential to invest significant amounts of money, if you are supported in communicating with them.

  7. You have access to a wider network of potential investors, professional or otherwise (e.g. family and friends) and you are prepared to allow them to consider this investment opportunity.  

  8. The IdeaSquares programme will be supporting you to secure 50%+ of your target from your existing network with a strong communications plan because even though you are able to launch with less, this does not give you a significant chance of succeeding.

  9. IdeaSpuares estimate that a campaign that is well prepared has a team that dedicates 12-16 hours per week to their preparation and you are willing to do the same.

  10. You will be able to cover the cost of a professional video to accompany your pitch.

If you feel comfortable with the points made above, we look forward to speaking with you in more detail.

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Exploration Call Booking

Our clients have an extremely high success rate on Seedrs and Crowdcube. Working with us in the lead up to your crowdfunding campaign will greatly increase your chance of launching and funding. To explore if we can work together, please follow the below instructions to schedule a free exploration call with us.

It is important to complete all sections on the booking form. We may cancel a booking if any sections are incomplete. If on assessment of your responses we do not believe our services are right for you at this time we may cancel the booking and will advise you the reasons for the cancellation.

Please do not answer questions by referring to another document or a link elsewhere, you must provide the specific answer to the question in the form as requested. Thank you.