Crowdfunding Email Support

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Crowdfunding Email Support

from 600.00

£600 - Set up & management of up to 2 email shot

£720 - Set up & management of up to 3 email shot

£840 - Set up & management of up to 4 email shot

Each email shot includes:

  • Creation of an email template and visual assets.
  • Email content creation.
  • Cleaning and validation of crowdfunding mailing list.
  • Analysis of campaign results.
  • Full report at the end of the campaigns.

Please note, purchase of any top package makes you eligible for a 30% discount off any additional package. Your discount code will be emailed to you after purchase.

If you have  any questions about this product please contact us HERE.

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  • This service is designed to be used within our preferred mailing client: Mailchimp. 
  • Up to two members of the IdeaSquares team will need admin access to a client owned Mailchimp account.
  • You will need to register your own payment details against the mailing account and for mailing lists over and above 2,000 contacts, you will have to purchase relevant Mailchimp package.
  • After purchase, a member of the IdeaSquares will be in touch with you to arrange a call to set up the package.