Working with IdeaSquares

How we work with Crowdfunding Clients


Welcome to IdeaSquares and to our programme specifically built to support businesses seeking to raise investment via one of Europe’s leading crowdfunding platforms.

The purpose of this document is to provide information on the ways we will work with you which includes general standards and expectations concerning the delivery and provision to you of our support services. This document does not intend to be exhaustive and as appropriate normal commercial practices, common law, statutes and legislation as applicable to the United Kingdom and the European Economic Area are implied.

In the event of any inconsistency between this document and our Terms and Conditions signed by you at commencement of our relationship the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Your actively commencing to work with us constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to the provisions contained within this guide.

Purpose and Principles

  1. Our primary objective is to support you so that your campaign has the best chance of success.

  2. The guidance and advice we will give you are intended to drive that success. Ultimately all the decisions around how your campaign will run are yours but we would strongly recommend, and generally expect, that you will respond positively and actively to our guidance and advice. In particular we expect the decision to launch your campaign to “private live” and “public live” to be taken in direct prior consultation with ourselves. We would not expect you to launch your campaign in either of those stages without our express agreement.

  3. Our crowdfunding support systems, processes, and overall approach are based on our extensive positive experience of what gives a campaign the best chances of success. There is very little scope to majorly vary from our project framework unless there has been prior discussion with ourselves and with our final agreement. Due to inherent inefficiencies with project variation, where changes to our project approach are sought by the client it is likely that specific costs for such variation would need to be met by the client.

  4. There are various key stages within our programme where progress will be reviewed and recommendations provided as to next steps. In particular this applies to tasks such as video production and milestones such as campaign launch. You should be aware that where we consider it appropriate our guidance and advice may be very direct, frank, honest and well-intentioned in terms of the next steps and the timing of those steps.

  5. We do encourage and expect you to actively engage with us in terms of carrying out the various tasks and activities which we will set with you in order to progress your project. The includes adherence to timelines and key milestones. In the event that you do not actively ‘work your project’, and/or habitually do not meet timelines and milestones without agreeing with us changes to those timelines and milestones, we may exercise our rights to terminate our relationship.

  6. Unless agreed with you and confirmed by email or in writing, our standard crowdfunding support programmes are scheduled to take no more than ten weeks. In the event your campaign has not launched within twelve weeks of programme start we reserve the right to apply further charges on a weekly basis, as provided for by our Terms and Conditions.

Ways of Working

  1. It is assumed that you will have a reasonable and general level of competency using the standard MS Office Suite, and or similar tools, such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Similarly we assume you will have a general level of comfort, or be able to develop a level of comfort, with typical business computer literacy in the use of various standard online business collaboration, project management, and communication tools.

  2. Aside from initial introductions, most of our communications with you will take place via our project management tool, Basecamp. We do not use email for managing communications related to active crowdfunding projects. There are prescribed stages throughout the project where telephone calls will be scheduled for the purposes of training and instruction, progress review, and agreeing decisions regarding the project and your crowdfunding campaign.

  3. After the first phase of the project has been completed, we will schedule regular telephone review calls with you, usually weekly. We expect you to be available for these calls. Repeated instances of missed calls will be cause for termination of our support services

  4. We also use Google Documents Sheets and Slides as our core working tools for review and preparation of the core elements of your project and campaign, such as your Campaign Text and management of your network contact list. There is no provision for exceptions to these core working tools i.e. we cannot work from downloaded documents. Use of these tools sits within Basecamp. You will need to have an email account assigned against a Google account for this to work properly. Note that this does not necessarily mean you have to have a Gmail email address.

  5. We prefer to provide feedback on and review business plan/investor decks in PDF format but if comprehensive and detailed edits are required you may be asked to provide such documents in editable formats i.e. MS Powerpoint, MS Word, or equivalent. It is important for us to retain accessible/downloadable documents therefore we do not review such documents from client-owned cloud based drives or file repositories.

  6. Note that we do not use any file sharing services such as Dropbox etc..

  7. During the course of us supporting your project and campaign, we will provide you with access to a range of tools, templates and other work products. You agree not to share any of these materials to anyone outside your immediate business.


Project set up

Thank you for choosing the IdeaSquares programme. By following the next steps and joining the programme, you are accepting our ways of working above.

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