Trying to decide which platform to use? Here's some more information on Seedrs

Seedrs was founded in 2009 and launched in 2012

Seedrs investors are a diverse mix of professions, backgrounds, interests and investment amounts from throughout Europe. They are high net worth and sophisticated investors like angels and VC; everyday investors who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio; financial institutions; and more. Most importantly, they are active, investing in an average of 7 deals per investor and have invested more than £210 million into more than 500 businesses.

Don’t underestimate the reach and power of the audience of potential investors who may not yet know about Seedrs, but who may know about your business or sector and who would love to be a part of your growth. These can be value-added investors who provide business support, marketing support, beta testing and more. We work with businesses to help identify those audiences for them and provide the tools to empower you to engage with them when raising investment.

Companies that can raise investment on Seedrs include;

  • Startups, early-stage and growth businesses

  • Based in the UK / Europe

  • Available to all sectors

Over £210 million has been invested into more than 500 funded campaigns on Seedrs.

About Seedrs

Seedrs has been named the most active investor into private companies in the UK. Our platform makes it possible for startup and growth-focused businesses to raise investment from the crowd, angels and VCs in a single platform. Seedrs is backed by star fund manager Neil Woodford, Lord Rothschild’s Augmentum Capital, Faber Ventures and over 1,000 of its own customers.

The Seedrs Model

  • Equity investment

  • One of the most important features of Seedrs is our nominee structure, whereby we hold and administer shares in startups on behalf of the underlying investors after an investment is completed.  Essentially, you get the power and support of the crowd, but none of the administrative or financial hassle that may come from having thousands of investors.  Other benefits for businesses:

    • We get rid of the administrative hassle by taking care of all the technical shareholder work while letting investors track and engage with their investments directly through the platform.

    • Because we act as nominee for the underlying investors, a startup needs only to deal with us for administrative matters like consents and shareholder votes. This is far easier from an administration perspective than having to send notices to, and even solicit approvals from, hundreds of scattered investors.

    • We also give consents, sign waivers or take whatever other actions are needed to ensure that the company can progress with its growth – and future fundraising – down the line.

    • Businesses can take full advantage of the invaluable feedback, experience and enthusiasm the investors can offer.

    • It’s easy for angels, VCs and other later-stage investors to work with, which means that they’re happy to invest in a company that has been financed through Seedrs. That’s good news for the company and it’s good news for its investors.

- Raise investment up to €5M                

- End-to-end service including: handling and processing of funds, tax relief (SEIS & EIS) paperwork and drafting of shareholder agreements, and access to our Alumni Club of partners to help your business grow.

- Acts as single legal shareholder for a business post-raise, with no on-going fees.  

- Flat fee with NO on-going fees in relating to the fundraise, you just pay a fee on what you raise.

Completion fee of £2,000 (ex. VAT) applies plus:

- 6% of total funds raised

- 0.5% payment processing fee

Substantial Achievements

- Seedrs tops table as most active investor into private companies in the UK for all of 2016 (Beauhurst report 2016

- Some key recent raises include: leading employee perks company Perkbox which raised £4.3M in just two weeks and travel money platform WeSwap which overfunded to £2.4M and had over 3,000 investors in their campaign.

A note from Seedrs on our partnership

Raising investment online can be great for businesses of all sizes and stages from seed through to later-stage businesses. It’s important to note that your crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs can be more than getting the investment you need. It’s a unique opportunity to acquire new users, gain exposure for your business and create a team of brand backers. The most successful campaigns view the crowdfunding round as a marketing opportunity and do the majority of the planning, budgeting and marketing activity before the campaign even launches.

Partnering with a company like IdeaSquares, who have demonstrated a commitment to supporting businesses prepare their equity crowdfunding campaigns, is important to us.  They understand how we work and what it takes to line your business up for crowdfunding success, and we’re enthusiastic to welcome programme graduates to Seedrs when they’re ready.

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