Our programmes are designed to prepare you for success on some of Europe's leading crowdfunding platforms. We've completed three equity crowdfunding campaigns of our own and have built a business supporting others to do the same. Our programmes are formed from a wealth of experience and with every fundraise we help; we feel we get even better at what we do.


Split into three distinct phases to prepare you for success for every client we begin work with; we commit to full completion of the first phase of our programme, Phase 1 as outlined below. At the end of Phase 1, we will decide together if it is sensible for you to progress to Phase 2 and then Phase 3 at no additional cost. Please see below a very simplified overview of what we will support you within each phase of our support. 

Phase 1 - Investor deck creation and crowd planning (2-4 weeks)

  • A workshop with one of our UK-based team of experts, to introduce the project and answer any questions you have about this phase. During this call, we'll discuss your fundraising strategy and decide on a sensible timeline for your campaign. We'll talk about your specific goals and begin to form ideas for engaging your crowd. 
  • We'll provide templates for preparing your investor presentation and give you access to example presentations from previous clients. 
  • We'll support you with the creation of your investor presentation, which you will use to begin to raise investment with and which will eventually be attached to your campaign as a supporting document for investors, including providing templates and multiple reviews. 
  • We'll support with preparing your crowdfunding mailing list and provide coaching as to how to begin engaging this list. 
  • We'll provide round the clock support to answer any questions that you may have. 

Phase 2 - Campaign preparation and communications (3-6 weeks)

  • A 90 minute one to one marketing and communications workshop focused around how and when to talk to your crowd, how to market your campaign in the lead-up and how to move through your chosen platform's processes. 
  • Support for preparing your financial promotion including providing the template for drafting and multiple reviews
  • Support for scripting your video and providing access to highly recommended videography partners.
  • Support for preparing your campaign marketing plan to ensure that you have a clear strategy for getting the most out of multiple marketing channels. 
  • Continued round the clock support to answer any questions that you may have. 

Phase 3 - Preparation for launch (2-4 weeks)

  • A 60 minute, one to one preparation for launch workshop focused on refining your marketing efforts and preparing to launch and market your live campaign. We will also review progress and campaign strategy to make sure your chance of success is high, and you have defined goals to reach before you launch. 
  • Support for creating the necessary marketing and communication materials needed to run your campaign
  • General support for moving through the process with your crowdfunding platform of choice. 

Phase 4 (Optional) - Live campaign support (30-60 days)

For those who wish to receive continued support once the campaign is live, you may design your own 'Phase 4' by choosing and paying for the following additional services. 

  • Social media support
  • Email support
  • Campaign communications support
  • Media relations
  • Press distribution


The set up fee

Every client we begin to work with must pay a setup fee. 

  • To support you in raising up to £300k we charge a project set up fee of £750
  • For raises from £300k to £1.5million, we charge a setup fee of up to £1500, depending on the size of the campaign
  • For raises over £1.5million, please book a call to discuss costs.  

The project set up fee entitles you to full support in completing Phase 1 of our programme. At the end of this phase, we will assess your progress together and decide if it is the right thing to do to continue to work together at no additional cost. 

The success fee

Further to our set up fee, we charge a success fee which is only paid when your campaign reaches its funding target.

  • If you have not yet engaged with platform and we can refer you to one of our partner platforms, we charge a success fee of 0.75%
  • If you are already engaged with a partner platform but would like our support, we charge a success fee of 1.5%
  • If you would like support towards a platform that is not one of our partner platforms, then please book a call to discuss pricing via the link below. 

We partner with the equity crowdfunding platforms Seedrs and Crowdcube. Our recommended rewards-based platform is Crowdfunder. 


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