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Successful crowdfunding is about more than simply putting out your proposition and hoping that people buy it.

It requires clear communication, a well defined marketing strategy and the right tactics to succeed with the crowd.

We will work in partnership with your team to ensure that the right levers are pulled at the right time to secure a raise on Europe’s leading crowdfunding platforms.

In 2019 so far, 95% of our clients have successfully funded.

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Leadership Team

Based in our Bristol-based UK office, our team live and breathe crowdfunding. We're passionate about the companies and projects we work with and strive to get the most out of every crowdfunding campaign. Please be introduced to our core team below.


Thought Leadership


8 Words you should consider removing from your crowdfunding pitch

When writing your crowdfunding pitch, you’ll want to impress your potential investors for all the right reasons. This takes careful consideration as you only have so many characters to convey a fair amount of information. It’s easy to fall into the trap of using jargon, buzzwords and clichés, thinking it will make you sound interesting when in reality, it has the opposite effect.

Here are 8 words we see in crowdfunding pitches that, often really shouldn’t be there

10 things you should understand before you equity crowdfund

Are you thinking of crowdfunding? Here are 10 things you should understand before you get started.

15 stats from 15 funded clients

Preparation of a crowdfunding campaign requires focus on two key elements:

  1. Lead investment

  2. The wider crowd

We’ve analysed the “wider crowd” data from 15 recent successful client campaigns The results are interesting.

Here are 15 things to note from the data of 15 recent clients

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