If you’re considering crowdfunding, you’d be crazy not to draw on IdeaSquares skills and expertise.
— Aidan Burley, Friction Free Shaving (Overfunded Via Seedrs)
The IdeaSquares team were extremely knowledgeable professionals when it came to assisting Zucla in its Crowdfunding Campaign. As result of their efforts, we managed to overfund before going live and we finally hit 277% overfunding. IdeaSquares is HIGHLY recommended by us
— Dev Shah, Zucla (277% funded in 6 days via Crowdcube)
Another entrepreneur told me to talk to IdeaSquares, a company that would work me as hard as anyone ever had, who would not pull punches, who might not even agree to work with me. But if they took me on as a client, my chances of success were great if I followed their playbook. I was sold.

I joined the ‘Surge’ programme by IdeaSquares and 10 weeks later I was up on Seedrs 100% funded. The IdeaSquares team are pragmatic, action oriented, delivering output that I would use during the campaign.
I would recommend the IdeaSquares ‘Surge’ programme to any entrepreneurs considering raising on Seedrs with no caveats.
— Paul Francis, HÜGGE (136% funded in under a week via Seedrs)
The IdeaSquares team added very significant value to our extremely successful Crowdcube raise. They provided structure, wise guidance founded on experience, and have a lovely coaching style that you welcome during the process. If you’re crowdfunding and want to increase the probability of success, reduce and the complexity and stress, get IdeaSquares involved
— Joe Tarregano, Glovebox Direct (Funded in less than 72 hours via Crowdcube)
If you’re considering Crowdfunding, you HAVE to talk to IdeaSquares. Our campaign reached it’s target within just a few days of going public and we certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without their help and guidance!
— James Murden, Alivelab (Funded in under a week via Seedrs)
Even for those people like myself who had already gone through one very successful crowdfunding round (138% funded), it cannot be underestimated how the process and methodology of a crowdfunding campaign need to be meticulous in planning and very efficient in execution. IdeaSquares are extremely impressive and highly knowledgeable crowdfunding experts. For anyone who hasn’t crowdfunded, get IdeaSquares on board and they will give you all the tools you need to execute a targeted campaign. They have a thorough understanding of not just the crowdfunding landscape, but what works and what doesn’t work in campaign communications. IdeaSquares are standout professionals, who will make your campaign as professional as it can be. All of their previous recommendations were right: if you have IdeaSquares on board for your campaign, the chances of you funding increase significantly.
— — Joe Sillett, The Funky Iron Company (Overfunded via Seedrs)
Kirsty Ranger is without doubt the Queen of Crowdfunding! The support provided by Kirsty and the IdeaSquares team through Crowd10 is fantastic, and their tireless efforts helped Local Vets to reach its target within 14 days and go on to overfund. The world of crowdfunding is a daunting one, but following IdeaSquares’ advice will give any crowdfunding campaign the best chance of success.
— Matthew Dunne, Local Vets (Overfunded via Crowdcube)
“If you’re thinking about launching any form of crowdfunding campaign, you’d be foolish to not work with IdeaSquares. They have a fantastic drive and strong attention to detail - I would honestly say our success so far on the campaign is due to their help!
— Ben Jeffries, Influencer (Overfunded via Crowdcube)
“Kirsty successfully guided us throughout our company’s first equity crowdfund. She is highly organised, motivational and knows the crowd equity landscape like no one else. I would highly recommend Kirsty and her fantastic team at IdeaSquares, indispensable to anyone considering equity crowdfunding!
— Sebastian Debono, Armour Agent (Overfunded via Crowdcube)