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Working with us in the lead up to your crowdfunding campaign will greatly increase your chance of launching and funding. To explore if we can work together, please follow the below instructions to schedule a free consultation call with us.

We should be able to offer a call within a week or so. If you need a call earlier than our booking system offers, please email and we will try to find a time that meets your needs.

Our success rate isn’t down to chance, we select our clients carefully to ensure they are a good fit for our services and we can add value to their campaign.

We’re particularly interested to hear from you if you:

  • Are planning an equity crowdfunding campaign

  • Are raising between £100k and £7M

  • Have an MVP, are already revenue generating or near to

  • Preferably, are SEIS or EIS eligible (if your company is UK-based)

  • Have already identified one or more lead investors or have some idea of where investment is going to come from

  • Recognise the ancillary benefits of crowdfunding such as brand exposure