Campaign Communications Support

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Campaign Communications Support


This package runs for the duration of you live campaign and includes:

  • Regular updates posted to your crowdfunding campaign page.
  • Content creation about the status of your campaign or key information to investors.
  • Consultancy on how to best respond to investor enquiries.
  • Creation of visual assets that can also be used on your social media channels.


If you have  any questions about this product please contact us HERE.

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  • You will still need to reply to investor enquiries, IdeaSquares can only provide advice.
  • Campaign duration assumes a four week campaign. Should a campaign run beyond four weeks and you wish for IdeaSquares to continue with communications support, additional packages will need to be purchased.
  • You must agree to a telephone conversation with a member of our team to set up the service.
  • IdeaSquares may need to acquire the login details to your campaign in order to be able to support communications fully.
  • Additional weeks of support can only be purchased by existing clients of our campaign communication support packages.